Sarah Ward - Director of Developmental Disabilities

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Marcie Soderlund - Home Based Services Coordinator

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Sharon Richardson - DD Red Bud Site Manager

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Vocational Services

ComWell has been partnering with local businesses for more than 30 years to complete various production jobs and projects. Task efficiency and quality production have earned us credibility and have led us to maintain multiple partnerships with local businesses in the area. Our production crew continues to grow and so do our capabilities. Finding the right Contract Manufacturing Organization is critical to your company and we know that. You can hire anyone to do the job, but we will ensure that the job is done right and in a timely manner.

Piece Work

Call on ComWell crew for small-part assembly of a variety of products ranging from simple to complex.  Why invest in expensive manufacturing equipment when ComWell can dedicate as many people as it takes to get the job done, on budget and on schedule.

Cleaning Crews

Neat is our middle name!  ComWell has been training cleaning crews to provide reliable and top-quality services throughout a variety of settings.  We are thorough, dependable, professional, completely trustworthy and friendly!

Community Employment

Can’t transport big machinery? No problem! We will come to work for you! Our production crew would be a great addition to your work environment. Our team provides training for our individuals in a variety of skills that interest them. We have trained staff to then, transfer these learned skills to on-site employment opportunities. The employer would hire the individual and the funding for their job coach that would come from ComWell. Many times ComWell will provide transportation for the individual and can assist with purchases of clothing or items needed for employment.


24-hour Supervised Residential Facility for Adults

Chester, IL

ComWell’s CILA is a community integrated living arrangement that promotes residential stability for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide them with an array of services to meet their needs. Our Direct Support Professionals care for clients both inside and outside of the home. Based on their needs, individuals receive supervision and supportive services which may range from continuous to intermittent. Their goals are our goals.

Our care-takers work to support residents in a way that reflects independent living to the maximum extent possible so they may live in the way they would if they were able to live alone. Our clients have the freedom to live comfortably in their home, care for their own space, shop for themselves, spend the money they earn, have picnics, go to the park, visit family, go out to eat, go on vacation and go sight-seeing among other activities they enjoy!

Adult Development Services

A typical day at CILA is a lot like yours!

Residents wake up, make their own breakfast, take their medications, get ready for the day and along the way receive aid based on their needs.
ComWell has an agency bus route that transports these clients to attend ComWell Community Day Services where they are offered onsite and offsite work opportunities, learn new skills and fine-tune their preexisting skills, all while building life-long friendships.
Residents end their day cooking dinner and eating together. They then do dishes, tidy up their areas and wrap up the night by gathering in the living room to spend time together before going to bed.

24-hour supervision is provided and ranges from immediate to non-invasive supervision where staff are onsite and accessible when needed. Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals are assigned to coordinate all client care including medical, dental and mental health services. Our residence has a registered nurse available for consult 24-hours a day.

It is our goal to bridge the gap between individual and resource while providing ongoing personal support.

Do you know someone interested in receiving community integrated living arrangement services? Call us today!


Southern IL Community Day Services

Through long-term support and assistance, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) can achieve productive, meaningful lives and reach their fullest potential. ComWell provides developmental disabilities services to Randolph County IL, Washington County IL, and throughout Southern Illinois.

ComWell's Community Day Service Program provides assistance and enhances mobility, personal independence and job readiness.

It’s a place for individuals to develop socialization skills, gain work experience and continued education.

Independence to the maximum extent possible.

We offer a setting independent from the individual’s home to support them in learning skills related to activities of daily living, confidently making personal choices and fostering friendships through vocational and social activities. Individuals also grow in personal advocacy, experience competitive employment and on-site sheltered employment.

Opportunities within our community.

We provide opportunities for clients to celebrate and serve their communities through volunteer experiences, as well as organizational opportunities such as Boy Scouts, to learn team work and other valuable skills.

Continued progress towards common goals.

We are always expanding and looking for new things to participate in that will contribute to our mission of integration and independence.

Eligibility and Enrollment

An individual can choose to be “private pay” or to be funded by awaiting selection from the (PUNS) list. Through this, clients are selected to receive funding based on the availability of state funds as well as the needs of the client or family.

To be put on the PUNS list, the Southern Illinois Case Coordination Services must be contacted. An individual service coordinator (ISC) agent will meet with the individual, guardian and family to ask and answer questions, explain available services and identify specific needs for the individual(s).

PUNS Funding FAQ's

While some clients and their families choose our private pay option, many are funded through the State of Illinois via PUNS funding.

PUNS is a statewide database that records information about individuals with developmental disabilities who are planning for or seeking services. The State uses the data to select individuals for services as funding becomes available

Please contact our area independent service coordination agency, Southern Illinois Case Coordination (618) 532-4300.

developmental disabilities services

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    Behavioral Services & Support

    ComWell is pleased to now offer Applied Behavior Analytic Services and Supports to our community. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. ABA is considered an evidence-based best practice treatment by the US Surgeon General and by the American Psychological Association. Behavior Analysis helps us to understand how behavior works, how behavior is affected by the environment, and how learning takes place. ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real life situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and appropriate and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning. ABA services are not a “one size fits all” but rather, developed to meet the individual needs of the person. ABA is effective for people of all ages. It can be used from early childhood through adulthood! Services are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Service delivery can occur across environments, such as at home, in the community, school, or community day services.
    • Functional Behavior Assessment
      Direct Observation, staff/family interviews, record review, data analysis, testing and interventions.
    • Development of Individualized Behavior Plans aimed at reducing challenging behaviors and building/learning appropriate behaviors.
    • Staff & Family Training/In-Home Family Support
      Development of family structured routines, child management procedures, skill demonstrations, in the moment coaching, and data collection.
    • Skill Building and Development
      Social skills, functional communication, self-help and adaptive skills, coping skills, etc.
    • Management of Challenging Behavior
    • Collaboration with other service providers and linkage to other supports to ensure continuity of care.
    • Program evaluation, monitoring, and revision
      *The above list is not an exhaustive list of services.

    Who is Eligible for ABA services:

    Adults with DD/ID receiving waiver services Children using Home-Based waiver are eligible for a negotiated number of ABA hours Students receiving special education services (separate referral process through the school) *We can help you navigate your waiver program coverage and or assist with getting enrolled for waiver services.

    For more information regarding services please contact:
    Sarah Ward, BSW, MHP, QIDP | | Director of Developmental Disabilities
    Mandy Sullivan, BCBA |

    Home Based Services

    ComWell has Self Directed Assistance (SDA) services with a dedicated SDA to support families who receive home-based services.  SDA can provide support to families as they are beginning their wait for services and starting the PUNS process.  Once selected, the SDA will assist families with securing personal support workers, fiscal timekeeping and management, and obtaining resources, as well as, many others.

    IEP Meetings

    Allow ComWell to attend your child’s IEP meetings as a community representative. We can provide insight into services that may be beneficial for the child and family as well as serve as a resource for planning for future services for your student.

    Case Management

    Our Compassionate staff will assist you with finding the most supportive resources on your journey to recovery, whatever that may be.  The recovery coaching staff ensures optimal use of community-based services and benefits for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness as well as group and individual skill-building activities focused on assisting individuals with a mental illness to achieve their personal goals.  Parents with children with disabilities can utilize case management services to assist with entitlement paperwork, navigating the state system and so much more.

    Transition Services

    ComWell Home Based Service Coordinator can attend transition meetings to provide resources for your student as they transition out of educational services into adult services.  As part of this transition, ComWell can assist with employment options for your individual, including volunteer opportunities, task analysis and even customized employment.