Open Assessment

Same Day Assessment

Readily Available Southern IL Substance Misuse Services for Adults and Youth.

No wait list. No phone tag. Just timely support.

Same Day Assessment is a first-come-first-serve, walk-in based counseling program. The purpose of this program is to provide readily available services to individuals seeking mental health and substance use counseling. When someone needs help and is ready to begin counseling, they can simply walk into our office and be seen the same day. First visits will no longer require appointments.

Same Day Open Assessment
Know before you go:
Expect your first appointment to last up to 2 hours.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Insurance card & list of current medications are required.
Sliding scale fee for those not covered by insurance.
You may seek counseling for mental health, substance use, or both.

*Though we are open and serving clients, we are advising those interested in Open Assessment services to partake in assessments via video and telephone.

At ComWell, we work to provide hope, healing and lasting recovery. We will continue to monitor this situation and remain steadfast in our commitment to the safety of our clients and staff. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information at 618-282-6233.


Substance Misuse Counseling in Randolph County IL, Washington County IL, and Southern Illinois

Our trained clinicians provide substance use counseling to assist others to live a life free of mood altering substances, rebuild their lives and deal with their past. Success looks different for each person and may be based on the harm reduction model or abstinence. We help others help themselves through education, counseling and support. This program allows them to gain a better understanding of their substance misuse, while also developing the confidence to make positive changes in their behavior and thinking.

DUI Services

Our certified and licensed clinicians offer DUI evaluations and education for individuals who have been charged with DUI offenses.


Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) is an extension of our counseling services helping others to achieve recovery with supportive services.

Healthy Communities Alliance

Who We Are

We are a group of people living and/or working in Randolph or Washington County, IL. Our group consists of health care workers, people with lived experience, educators, law enforcement officers, parents, youth, business owners, service organization members, faith based leaders, volunteers, government employees and other concerned individuals.

Our Mission

Increase awareness and education to enhance physical and mental well-being through community partnerships. The principal mission is the reduction of substance use, with a primary focus on reducing youth substance use.

Our Vision

Create a healthy environment where our community can thrive and flourish.
Red Bud OS Award


  • Provide accurate information
  • Enhance skills of students, parents and other key community impactors
  • Provide support to youth and people who would benefit from recovery
  • Enhance Access/Reducing Barriers and promote Recovery efforts to improve systems increasing the ease, ability and opportunity to utilize recovery and participate in counseling services
  • Changing consequences (Incentives/Disincentives) – address teens perception that it is easy for them to get alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Physical Design relevant to acceptance of teen alcohol and drug use
  • Modifying/Changing Policies impacting access and perceptions about drugs

Opportunities to Participate

  • Supporting community events such as information fairs and programs
  • Advising the coalition regarding plans and strategy
  • Recruiting and engaging other people and organizations


The Alliance promotes healthy choices by offering education and/or training and by reducing unhealthy exposures. Local people select and implement research-based prevention strategies such as communications campaigns, school-based prevention curriculum and engaging youth. We further aim to eliminate racial, ethnic, and socio-economic disparities that contribute to poor health.


The Alliance strives to improve and increase access to quality care to meet the needs of our communities. This includes sharing resources in order to address the complex and interconnected set of circumstances that may contribute to a person’s well-being.


The Alliance builds its capacity for responsive and respectful recovery systems of care to foster improved health and wellness for community members. We focus on encouragement, sharing best practices and creating new hope where hope was lost.

Healthy Communities Alliance Leadership

Dennis Trask

Youth Prevention Coordinator

(618) 954-0552

Sandy Prange

Value Based Care Coordinator

(618) 282-6230

John Reith

ROSC Coordinator

(618) 491-9592