Job Title : Engagement Specialist II

Department : Care Coordination

Reports to : Mobile Crisis Team Manager

Purpose of Position : In keeping with the Mission/Vision/Values of ComWell, the Engagement Specialist provides peer support services to individuals seeking treatment with a behavioral health diagnosis. All services provided should be trauma informed and reflect person and family centered principles of recovery through coordination of care with other involved service providers.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities :

1. ComWell expects all staff to have a strong desire to provide an excellent customer experience; to comply with the rules and regulations of those organizations to which we are accountable; to have high ethical and professional standards of conduct; must possess the flexibility to work with clients at various stages in their personal growth; and to have an attitude of wanting to continuously improve their own performance as well as that of ComWell. This also includes consistently returning phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours and updating voicemail/out of office e-mail, as well as consistently using pleasant tone and having a helpful attitude.

2. Shows consideration for others, works cooperatively with any coworker; provides constructive feedback without undue criticism of others; displays appreciation of differences in approaches, personalities, and viewpoints of others. Works professionally, respectfully, positively and cooperatively within a team-based framework to promote ComWell’s commitment to client personal growth.

3. Supports the strategic goals and mission/vision/values of ComWell at all times when interacting with clients, co-workers and professionals from other organizations and presents a positive and professional demeanor.

4. Treats all clients and colleagues with dignity and respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or other legally protected status.

5. Completes job requirements with independent action and resourcefulness. Organizes time, effort, and use of resources to achieve desired outcomes. Takes initiative to prevent and resolve problems and offers recommendations for improving services and transforming ComWell into an organization that embraces excellent customer experience.

6. Have a basic understanding of the impact trauma has on a person’s life. Be aware of the signs, symptoms and special needs a trauma survivor may have.

7. Have an awareness of and commitment to self-care practices that prevent or lessen the impact of secondary traumatization with staff and self.

8. Participate in and recognize role in Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) initiatives. Have general awareness on the importance of quality improvement throughout the organization. Identify opportunities for improvement through data, observation of operations or consultation with staff, residents, families or other stakeholders. Identification and input into opportunities for improvement is strongly encouraged.

9. Ensure quality service delivery to all clients based on the rules governing the program and service being offered. Must follow Mental Health Services (Rule 140) and Council on Accreditation (COA) standards. All services delivered should also meet other rules, regulations, laws and ethical codes related to operations.

10. Participate as an active member of the mobile crisis response team to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis, anytime, anywhere with anyone.

11. Assist individuals in identifying personal goals for recovery through the use of one-on-one and group sessions. During the sessions, the Engagement Specialist will support individuals in identifying and creating goals and developing recovery plans with the skills, strengths, supports and resources to aid them in achieving goals.

12. Assist individuals in working with their Recovery Coach or treatment team in determining the steps needed to achieve goals and self-directed recovery.
13. Assist individuals in identifying and participating in self-help (mutual support) groups.

14. Utilize tools such as the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) to assist individuals in creating their own individual wellness and recovery plans.

15. In collaboration with the treatment team or supervisor, the Engagement Specialist will demonstrate problem solving techniques with individuals and groups; discussions will be utilized where clients will share common issues in daily living and methods they have used to manage and cope with these problems.

16. As a person who practices recovery, the Engagement Specialist will share their personal experiences and what skills, strengths, supports and resources they use to maintain well-being. As much as possible and appropriate, the Engagement Specialist will share their own recovery story and as the facilitator of these sessions, will demonstrate how they have directed their own recovery.

17. Monitor the overall level of functioning of each assigned client. Notify supervisor when a client is experiencing a decline in level of functioning.

18. Make scheduled contacts with clients in their residence and other scheduled visits in the community.

19. Follow the Treatment Plan for each client, complete documentation of program goals and progress notes in accordance with Medicaid requirements, and other data that is required per program and agency guidelines.

20. Provide direct interactions with the client or on behalf of the client with a member of the client’s family, with such interactions intended to result in improving or maintaining the client’s ability to function in a variety of interpersonal situations, including in the family, school or community. This may include, but is not limited to: interpersonal communication, dating and sexual appropriateness, peer or sibling interactions, self-regulating behavior, problem-solving skills, parent/child communication and interaction, self-care and hygiene, money management, health care and general care of their household.

21. Transport clients to scheduled appointments and to other service environments in efforts to enhance personal self-care, household management and social functioning. Driving is an essential function of this position. Examples of transporting clients includes but is not limited to: medical appointments, home visits, social and recreational activities, grocery and personal shopping.

22. Provide crisis follow-up either by telephone or face–to–face contact, depending upon the nature and circumstance of the crisis follow-up. Provide brief support. Active listening and empathy skills, genuineness, trust and understanding will be essential to establish rapport.

23. Assist individuals who are in crisis with referrals and resource information in order to explore the least restrictive environment necessary to obtain assistance and to restore balance.

24. Assist in decision making for individuals who are in crisis and to those individuals who are part of the crisis situation with decisions, such as placement and referral.

25. Assist in the scheduling and reengagement of clients who cancel or fail follow-up crisis appointments. Ensure linkage to ComWell staff for further treatment engagement through client centered consultation.

26. Responsible for coordinating hospital discharges and follow-ups between ComWell and the discharging psychiatric hospital. Responsible for ensuring all proper and necessary documentation is received by ComWell from those hospitals for continuity of care purposes

27. Attend meetings, staffings, and training activities as needed to upgrade knowledge and skills relevant to role.

28. Perform related or other duties as assigned by manager.

29. Maintain compliance with all ComWell policies and procedures.


Education and/or Work Experience Requirements :
1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to effectively communicate with internal and external customers.
2. Driver’s license and proof of valid automobile insurance.
3. Must meet expectations required by CANTS check, criminal record and Health Care Workers Background Check
4. Excellent computer proficiency (MS Office – Word, Excel and Outlook).
5. Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, while maintaining a positive attitude and providing exemplary customer service.
6. Ability to work independently and to carry out assignments to completion within parameters of instructions given, prescribed routines, and standard accepted practice.
7. High school diploma or GED required.
8. Knowledge of the recovery process through personal experience.
9. Must be Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS) certified.


Physical Requirements :
1. Ability to safely and successfully perform the essential job functions consistent with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state and local standards, including meeting qualitative and/or quantitative productivity standards.
2. Ability to maintain regular, punctual attendance consistent with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state and local standards.

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